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Social Media Mistakes Not to Make

I was excited to participate with my friend and colleague Holly Fisher, Owner of Fisher-Creative, for a Live Q&A last month on mistakes not to make on social media when it comes to your business. Here are the points we covered:

  • Acting without a plan 😳

  • Making all about you and not your customer 🤯

  • Thinking size matters 🤥

  • Spreading yourself thin 😮

  • Ignoring competition 😳

  • Not looking in the mirror 😵

  • Leaving your profile incomplete 🤐

  • Underutilizing promotions, boosts and ads 🤓

  • Not being consistent 🤕

  • Forgetting to use a clear CTA (call to action) 😤

🎥 Want to watch our full conversation? Head to Holly's Fuel For Your Marketing group to view!

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